About Me


I'm Johannah, or you can call me Hannah, a lifestyle photographer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest town of Arlington, Washington. I have a passion for using my camera to capture all the fabulous moments life brings. 
As a young adult I loved being the person in the room with the camera capturing moments as they were happening around me, the moments that together became the memories of my life. 
After my son, Brady, was born in 2003 I became even more interested in photography. It meant so much to me to be able to capture all the moments of his life. 
When my second baby boy, Jack, was born in 2011 I purchased my first DSLR and took a photography class. My photography world opened up- my mind was blown by the possibilites of what I could create and my passion for photography truly took hold. 
Every once in a while I would take a break from capturing the memories of my life and began taking portraits of friends and family. Every once in a while eventually turned into every week and at the urging of the same friends and family I took a leap of faith and turned my photography hobby into a busniness. I could not of done it without their support. 
I have sense upgraded my camera and have learned so much about photography. I love to grow and I continue to seek out new techniques, equipment and processes that allow me to best capture all the little moments that makes up life's memories.
What will your session be like?
I will travel anywhere in Snohomish County free of charge and only charge a nominal fee to travel outside of my area. I can come to a location you choose, I can pick a spot or I can suggest a few options for you to choose from. 
I am a natural light photographer.  I get giddy when I can capture moments in beautiful natural light and I feel that the right touch of lighting makes every photo unique. The best sunlight is right before the sun falls below the horizon, so I schedule my sessions during that time. If it's not possible, early mornings are great or indoor sessions will be next to a large window for soft diffused natural light. 
I am a lifestyle photographer. I try to capture moments between people without too much interference. I will jump in from time to time to help out with posing and positioning, but mostly the session is about me capturing the moments of your life. I welcome you to bring props for your session and if you contact me before your session I can give you information about the props I have at my disposal for you to choose from.
I take great pride in working with you to create a unique experience that truly captures you and your memories. Anything you can dream up, let me know and we will work together to make it happen.